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Who are the MIAMI MUSIK BUZZ group? We are a collection of individuals from different backgrounds, countries, and occupations who share one common ground - the LOVE for music and our passion for  the REGGAE GENRE .

We have decided to come together with the purpose of pooling our talents and experiences with the focus on preserving this precious vibe by backing the upcoming and unsigned artist. We see a future in these talented individuals and we hope you will to... and support them as we are! We will give it all we have! All of us are putting in a lot of time and effort without pay to ensure the success of this effort!

We have one FRONT MAN we selected him because he is an artist, he knows the trade, he knows the traps and snares within the industry and he is as passionate about the genre as the rest of us. He has the engaging personality who everyone has come to know and love - Mr. Wayne Ingram ( aka RAGA Z) If you have already dealt with Mr. Ingram then you know exactly why he fits the role perfectly.  He works tirelessly for us - negotiates for us - collects funds for us. He is invaluable to the group so we ask that you treat him with kindness and respect !  The entire group wants to thank Mr. Ingram for all he does, we could not be able replace him!

All the funds we collect go straight into promoting MMB projects ( we have a few on the drawing board we are excited about and will let you in on them as soon as they are finalized)  and promotions that are geared towards enhancing the reach and visibility of the people who work with us and put their trust in us:  the artists, businesses, and radio stations ....  We are in this for the long haul! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIK!